Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a law in the United States that integrates two treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) established in the year1996. President Bill Clinton holds the credit of introducing the DMCA into law on October 28, 1998.

The DMCA recognizes such technology, devices or services as unlawful, that are determined to thwart copyright protection of digital information. DRM can commonly be seen on DVDs, to prevent them from being copied.

Applications of DMCA

Through DMCA your content will be authorized to be used only by you. The DMCA amplifies the consequences for Dmca copyright infringement encroachment on the internet. It works as a website protection service that enables you to get justice when your content is illegitimately copied and uploaded onto the internet without your permission. The DMCA Notice also pertains to the cases where the original work is not exactly copied and uploaded but it’s copied and customized to give the impression that someone else was the original creator.

At first, a notice called The DMCA Takedown notice is sent to the responsible individual(s) as well as their webhosts / Internet Service Providers (ISP). According to the law, on receiving a DMCA Takedown Notice, the offender is obliged to Cease and Desist (C&D) from violating copyright and has to remove the copied content. If he/she rejects to do so, then the webhost and ISP can come forward, to remove the content from the offending website(s).

The DMCA process can be intricate and in some cases quite time taking.
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A DVD movie is an excellent example of gauging the success of our service. We work with some of the largest movie studios in the US to make sure that their movies are safe from illegal download sites. This benefits the movie studio to great extent, as otherwise the movie, once uploaded on an illegal download site, can be easily downloaded for free by logging on to it. We protect their valuable revenue, as obstructing illegal downloading automatically means that more people will be heading to cinema to watch their movies or to the local store to buy them. Hence they will have to pay for watching the movie and the efforts of moviemakers will not go in vain.

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