If you have fallen prey Dmca Takedown copyright breaching or content thieving, you are not alone. There are many authors, artists, music publishers who face the similar problem and want notice for copyright infringement. But don’t be disappointed. We can help you by working on your behalf and issued Dmca takedown notice.

Approach and hire us only for $49 only. DMCA Law committed Attorney will leave no stone unturned to get your content removed from the offending websites or servers by takedown notice.

Our system of operation

You just need to contact us. We shall reply you back with the invoice Upon receiving your payment, we will email you regarding your notice. Once we have got the supplementary information from you, our Attorney will buckle down to acquire your content from others’ access.

Though at times, our proficient lawyers send notice statement dmca within few hours of receiving the request and payment, but generally we do request clients to give us 30 days for resolving the matter.

For sending multiple notices…

We exhibit meticulous care while sending Dmca report copyright on behalf of our customers to maintain a relationship of trust. We offer discounts on more than one purchase. Contact us for more information

Whats more!

If you opt for opening an account with us, we can invoice you for obtaining our service. Moreover, we can even offer substantial discounts if you plan to send more than five notice.
Our online payments are processed by Paypal and Credit Cards.